10 hr Yoga Immersion & Workshop
with Josh Schrei & Emily Perry

January 26-28, 2018
Pleasure Point Yoga, Santa Cruz, CA

 Deepening Our Meditation, Pranayama, & Asana Practice Through Understanding Vibration

For centuries, Indian tradition has recognized and expounded upon the fundamental truth: that everything is vibration.

Over many years the examination of vibration not simply as a phenomenon but as a vehicle through which the human being can experience connection to the deeper pulse and rhythm of life and nature was refined and transmitted. This celebration of the vibrational power of the cosmos reaches its zenith in the Tantras, whose texts and practices are primarily concerned with how to experience, harmonize with and connect to vibration.

This vibration they call Spanda; in the Tantras, vibration is consciousness, it is the pulse of breath, and it is the way to the heart.

In āsana, vibration manifests as the pulse that inherently exists within 'static' poses that opens, strengthens, and connects us to center. In meditation, vibration is the calm and tranquil mind. Silence itself is a vibration.

Join Josh & Emily for an immersion into the power of Spanda.

This weekend immersion explores & celebrates the profoundly beautiful Indian teachings on vibration. We'll delve into how they relate to our āsana & meditation practices, & our lives off the mat. Our time together will include asana, breathwork, meditation, chanting, singing, listening, & satsang.

$185 for 10 hr immersion,
or see workshop pricing below:

Immersion & Workshop Schedule:

Friday, January 26th:

Saturday, January 27th:

Sunday, January 28th:

7-9 pm: Satsang, Mantra, & Slideshow [$25}

1-5 pm: The Pulse of the Breath [$80]
Asana, meditation, pranayama, chanting, & discussion

1-5 pm: Synchronizing Inner and Outer Rhythms [$80]
Asana, meditation, pranayama & chanting, & discussion

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About Josh Schrei

Josh Schrei has lived, breathed, and loved the profound traditions of India his entire life. Josh is the founder of four respected yoga schools, leads retreats and trainings around the world, and offers a practice that is powerful, sweet, and steeped in the elemental and energetic vision of ancient yoga.


Josh’s focus is currently on trainings, workshops, and offerings that allow students the opportunity to connect in a more profound way to the cosmologies and energetic foundations of yoga practice. The physical practice he offers is designed to cultivate centerline strength as it opens.

About Josh's Work

Josh offers yoga, retreats and trainings through Tapta Marg Productions. Learn more about his work at


About Emily Perry

Emily Perry teaches Bhakti Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Mindfulness, & leads kirtan. Her classes and immersions are infused with energetic alignment, mudra, chanting, & pranayama. Emily teaches dynamic workshops at festivals, and leads retreats, immersions and teacher trainings globally. Her podcast, The Inner Shift, can be found on iTunes. Learn more about Emily's work at

Limited spaces available, register below.