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Go deeper into the practice you love.

Do You Feel Called to Immerse Into Your Yoga Practice ?

To offer yoga to your community?
Are you ready to steep in ancient practices that align, transform, and connect you with your purpose and your inner-most self?

Immersions and trainings with Emily Perry are designed to support you in going deeper into your practice, and into the heart of the teachings of yoga. Embody your yoga.

Explore Transformative Yoga Trainings from the Heart

Study with Emily Perry

Known for her intuitive sequencing and innovative flow, Emily Perry has designed her trainings and immersions to lead you on a life-changing journey that will inspire and awaken you to the beauty of your life. Emily is committed to supporting you on the path of the heart.

Yoga teacher trainings are more that just immersions to prepare you to teach yoga. They are journeys back home to the Self, back home to who you are, underneath it all


I feel so much more grounded and open from this experience.

I feel so full of love! I can't wait to dive further into my spiritual practice.

BHAKTI YOGA: find heart-connection & soul-awakening.

Bhakti Yoga, the yoga of devotion, asks us to clarify what we are devoted to, and how we want to move through the world. This practice connects us with our hearts, and helps us unravel  the layers that are holding us back from living and feeling fully.  

We awaken to our lives with gratitude & joy.

You'll find the practice of Bhakti Yoga woven seamlessly into our immersions and trainings: connected to what you're devoted to.


Learn the practices and tools to ALIGN your practice with your life, & learn to teach what you love.

ALIGN is designed as a foundational training for new teachers, and those that are feeling called to explore the roots of their practice.

Our signature program is integrated & rich: students not only leave being able to teach an amazing class, but feeling like they have a nourishing and grounded personal practice.

Taken as an in-depth study or intensive, ALIGN will deepen your yoga practice & awaken you to the possibilities in your life.


Learn to Teach Flow Yoga

Designed to lay the foundation for teaching and deepening your personal study, this program is rooted in the heart of the practice: from postures & advanced transitions, to philosophy & Bhakti, learn yoga practices to support spirit and soul work. Experience the transformative nature of intensive study in community.


​What to Expect

During the immersions, our days are filled with intensive study, delving into anatomy, alignment and adjustments of the yoga postures, laying the foundation for your teaching. Evenings include study of some of the philosophical and other relevant topics and end with homework and self-reflection.


Connect & Thrive

For modular trainings, during the time between immersions you will be given weekly assignments, journaling, practice teaching and personal exploration. Please plan for a regular yoga practice plus reading time and other work that will help support maintaining the energetic container of the training. You'll be supported in group calls & our Facebook Group.


Pre-requisites & Application

A minimum of one year consistent practice, including regular 3-6 day per week practice. We carefully select our applicants so that we can work closely with our teachers to guarantee a higher level of proficiency. Program applications are listed with each specific program, where applicable.


Emily is fantastic at making the yogic practice accessible through her curriculum & passion for her own practice.


A transformative experience: up-level your teaching practice, advance your studies, focus on areas that light you up. AWAKEN to your potential.

The Transformative Yoga Flow Advanced Training is dedicated to advanced yoga practices: dive deeper into your practice and teaching. Stay inspired with our mentorship program, deepen your teaching practice, create a thriving business, & become a leader in your field.

Required topics:

  • Meditation & Mantra: develop and meditation and mantra teaching practice
  • Transformative Teaching: you'll focus on advanced sequencing and theming
  • Asana Clinic: you'll focus on refining hands-on assists and adjustments, & alignment refinement
  • Teach Serve Grow [online and in-person options]
  • Workshop Independent Study: post-immersion project to facilitate the teaching of in-depth concepts, and curriculum development.
  • Bhakti Flow Teach-Out: students receive their certificate after teaching sample classes and submitting them for review.


Go Beyond the Basics

Advanced training takes you beyond the fundamentals: in these programs we offer tracks that help you refine and delve into the aspects of yoga that make you come alive.


Choose Immersions that AWAKEN Your Teaching Practice

Our 300-hour program provides flexibility and variety- choose training & immersions that keep you on the leading edge of your personal growth and teaching.


Teach | Serve | Grow

Our unique TSG approach supports your development in three ways: improve the way you TEACH, learn to SERVE your tribe, and GROW your business to match your vision. [offered online and in person]


What's Required to Apply?

200-HR teaching certification with Emily Perry Yoga, or approved Yoga Alliance registered school; two years of teaching practice, or a desire to deepen your teaching.


Become a RYT-500

When added to your existing 200-HR training, participants may register with the Yoga Alliance as an RYT-500, after receiving their 300-hour teaching certificate.


Application & Questions

Contact us with any questions you might have, or fill out the 300-HR application here.

Immersions & Trainings Include:

yoga foundations

Learn the fundamental elements that make up the practice of yoga, learn asana, mudra,  Solar & Lunar flows, and much more using our integrated approach.  Deepen your understanding through the study of traditional yoga texts & the history of yoga.

transformative teaching

Learn to teach Hatha Yoga, Restorative, and Vinyasa Flow Yoga. Transformative Bhakti Flow Sequencing & Theming Modules will teach you to theme classes & sequence intuitively.  Develop a personal Sadhana (practice) that inspires you.

meditation & mantra

Meditation, Breathwork (pranayama),  Mantra and Chanting studies: learn practical tools for deepening your practice and for teaching your students. Integrate mindfulness into your life.

the subtle body & TANTRA

Dive in-depth into energetic anatomy, & important teachings from the non-dual Tantra traditions, including yantra, meditation, mantra and text study. Explore the way the Five Elements live within you & the practice of yoga.


In-depth Asana and Posture Clinics, including hands-on adjustments, Anatomy for yoga Teachers, and Prenatal Yoga. Refresh foundational postures + refine advanced ones. Includes assisting workshops.


Our trainings are safe spaces personal growth: explore your  shadow & light; unravel resistance & energetic blocks. Learn tools to support your own growth. You'll awaken to your life in a new way, & develop as a leader.

bhakti yoga & Ayurveda

Discover the yoga of devotion— Bhakti Yoga: connect to your heart, and learn the stories and myths around the Deities of yoga. Learn chanting as a breathing practice, and as a way to transform the heart-mind.


Seva is the Yoga of giving back, of serving and creating community. Learn how to develop and create Seva projects, and how to put yoga into action in your community. 

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My personal practice has deepened immensely from
the training.

We are Yoga Alliance approved: our trainings qualify you to apply for a  Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) designation upon completion & requirement fulfillment.



bali immersion & training

with the alchemy of yoga [200-HR & 300-HR]

Join us in Bali for a complete 200-hr training, or choose the 300-hr track Advanced Training option. Dive into the culture of Bali.

INCLUDES: Full spectrum 200-Hr training includes all tracks; advanced track focuses on advanced assists, theming & sequencing, teaching meditation, & more.

APRIL 1-22, 2018

Ubud, Bali

costa rica immersion & training with the alchemy of yoga [200-HR & 300-HR]

Pura Vida! Our Bodhi Tree resort training is a complete 200-hr immersion,  with a 300-hr advanced option

INCLUDES: Full spectrum 200-Hr training includes all tracks; advanced track focuses on advanced assists, theming & sequencing, teaching meditation, & more.

JULY 28-AUG 19, 2018

Nosara, Costa Rica

heart of bhakti retreat & immersion with amita stark [50-hr]

Join us for Navaratri, the 9 day festival of the Goddess. Immerse in teachings & practices that focus on the Divine Feminine. Temple ceremony, Dharma talks, ritual, mudra, chanting, pranayama practices, flow & restorative yoga. 

INCLUDES: Bhakti Yoga, Mantra & Meditation, Asana, The Subtle Body & Tantra

OCT 10-14, 2018

Mount Madonna, CA


Our Yoga Alliance Registered Immersions and Trainings are flexible & full-spectrum.


How long do the programs take?

If done modularly, the 200 hour program usually takes 6 months-1 year, the 300 hour program 1-2 years. Immersion programs are complete programs, so you'll leave with your certificate.


Can I apply workshop hours and retreat hours to the training?

Yes, please see the specific module/ immersion/ retreat description for credit hours.


Can I use my hours towards continuing education with the Yoga Alliance? 

Yes, we are Yoga Alliance registered.


What is required for a  RYT-500 registration with the Yoga Alliance?

After completing our 300-HR program, to be eligible for the designation you will need to have already obtained a Yoga Alliance certification at the 200-hour level, & have at least 100 hours of teaching experience since completing training with a RYS-200 or 500.

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